Signs That You Hired the Wrong Contractor

Hiring a contractor is among the vital decisions for a homeowner. The contractor you hire will significantly determine whether you will become happy, stressed, and angry client. Some contractors are good while others are bad, and you must undertake due diligence when hiring one. But now that you have already hired one, what signs will tell you that you got the wrong contractor? Here are some typical reflags.

Missing in Action

If your contractor is constantly unavailable and out of reach without a good reason, this could be a sign that you hired the wrong contractor. A good contractor will always be available for you. You can easily arrange a meeting or communicate via telephone or email. The wrong contractor will be hard to find whenever you need them. They’ll give excuses when they reappear. 

Constantly Demanding Payment

A good contractor will not demand payment always or anyhow. Instead, they will require payment based on your agreed terms. However, the wrong contractor will keep asking for money even when you don’t expect it. Probably, they lied about their financial position and capability when applying for the job.

Don’t Require a Written Contract

Bogus contractors will rarely be keen on having a written contract. They avoid written agreements so they can easily escape or overcome any legal challenges that may affect them. But why would you want to entrust a construction project to someone who doesn’t value a written contract? 

Extremely Cheap

While you may be keen on keeping your project costs low, don’t overlook the fees that a contractor charges. Poor contractors are likely to charge meager fees compared to others. They do so to attract clients like you and compensate for their lack of quality and good reputation.

Final Thoughts

Be savvy when picking a contractor. Look out for all red flags even before hiring them. You can terminate the contract if you see red flags after you’ve already hired them.

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